IoT and Metering

IoT and Automatic meter reading solutions

Standards-based, multi-application network

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the commercial world. Taking machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity to new levels enables innovative ways of working in many industry sectors, from utilities to transport.

Traditionally M2M connectivity has used existing mobile phone networks. However, this results in limitations to coverage and reliability. The large numbers of connections and local device-to-device signaling create challenges for mobile systems.

Automatic meter reading(AMR)

Automatic meter reading(AMR) monitors resource consumption, such as energy, water, gas, etc., through modern metering devices connected to the Internet via IoT technology.

These metering devices are typically referred to as smart meters. While there’s a massive variety of them available on the market today, the biggest challenge is integrating various devices into a meaningful, intelligent metering solution for a specific company’s use case.

Automatic meter reading(AMR) solutions usually comprise several technology layers:


IoT sensors, which collect consumption data and periodically send it to a central server for processing. The server can be located at a company’s datacenter or, what’s now a more popular solution, reside in the cloud.


The system runs on the server and handles all the meters’ data. This system should offer all the essential capabilities of an IoT platform. It provides authorization for connected meters, collection, storage of their data, device management, software management, alerts, and other functions.


Custom-tailored data visualization dashboard, which is usually created inside the user interface offered by an IoT platform, can sometimes be made separately and integrated on top of the platform.

Analytics module

Analytics module

Analytics module that allows monitoring trends, creating rule-based alerts, generating comparative reports, etc.

AmbiPower- Preparing for the Grid of the Future

AmbiPower helps utilities improve business efficiency by providing a real-time understanding of the meter data, including theft details, instantaneous details, and billing details. Utilities are continually faced with making investment decisions related to which meter configuration to deploy and integrate with their infrastructure.

AmbiPower is an Automatic Meter reader module that communicates with a Utility meter (Water/Gas/Energy) and generates a machine-readable file that can be integrated into any Head End System or billing system of choice.

AmbiPower helps simplify meter reading while collecting the metrics needed for consumer billing, improved energy efficiencies, and loss reduction.

AmbiPower uses the existing infrastructure of cellular networks instead of setting up a parallel network infrastructure. The module can independently send commands over to the Head End system without requiring any two-way communication.

The AmbiPower uses state-of-the-art Edge computing algorithms developed in-house that help reduces the time to communicate data back to the Headend system or billing system. This feature helps utilities bring down the data usage, i.e., running cost paid to cellular networks, and increases the reliability of meter communication without upgrading to higher operational costs around 4G networks.

The module can also send specific SMS based on some pre-defined events detected from the meter. This provides greater flexibility to use the module for data monitoring and remote surveillance of tampering activities.

The AmbiPower IoT sensor platform offers the following advantages.



Maximum operational flexibility as it is used with any electronic meter


Increased productivity through a collection of data via AMR

Energy Efficient and cost-saving

Minimal installation cost and Reduced logistical costs make it highly efficient energy harvesting technology combined with unique low power communication technology.

Intelligent communication

Intelligent communication

Analyze incoming meter data to derive actionable insights, and Notification of metering events through automatic SMS messages is also available.

Analyze historical data and trends

Analyze historical data and trends

Collect data from smart meters using different connectivity methods also store data for reporting and historical analysis.

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