Cold Chain Logistics and IoT

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This week’s blog is about applying IoT solutions into the cold chain, which can consistently connect with every step in the logistical process, allowing for cost-optimizing benefits. We can analyze and toggle temperature settings as required, reacting to changes in local climate, damage to the packaging, unpredicted delays, and even human error.

Ambimat Electronics, with its experience of over four decades as an ODM of IoT products, wishes to draw the attention of its customers and readers of blog posts towards Cold Chain Logistics.


The Internet of Things is transforming the efficiency and potency of long-distance food, pharmaceutical, and other perishable supply chains. Instead of simply consisting of freezers and freight trains, this supply chain, known as the “cold chain” or temperature-controlled supply chain which is now increasingly including digital software solutions, secure cloud technology, and open architecture.

Cold chain logistics are important for the safe delivery of perishable goods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, etc. An efficient cold chain maintains these items within strictly predetermined temperature ranges in order to maintain their desired qualities. Previously, cold storage managers had to be physically present inside a cold storage facility to monitor deliverables and assure frictionless work. Shipments, storage, and even last-mile deliveries. The cold chain is also the backbone of the quickly developing pharmaceuticals business. Because of cold chain errors and various malfunctions, most of the pharmaceutical industry has a product loss.

By applying IoT technologies into the cold chain, companies can consistently connect with every step in the logistical process, allowing for cost-optimizing benefits.

Ambisense: A comprehensive Cold Chain Logistics Solutions

AmbiSense has been at the forefront of the transformation of the cold chain Logistics, developing pioneering business solutions to help customers improve inventory management and prevent loss of material across the complete value chain, from manufacturing source to consumer. With AmbiSense for cold chain supply systems, you can easily analyze, locate, and address any potential errors quickly. AmbiSense connectivity can help you efficiently manage the storage, shipping, and distribution of products that need a temperature-controlled environment, such as farm-fresh food or pharmaceuticals that have specific temperature range requirements.

Solution Benefits


Temperature Monitoring

Receive real-time information on the temperature & humidity levels in the refrigerated vehicle. Remotely monitor and control the temperature to keep the desired values.

Instant Alerts

Receive alerts via SMS or Email in case of temperature variations, refrigerator compressor is ON or OFF, route deviations, tamper detection, containers door left open for a prolonged time or unscheduled stops.

Fuel Monitoring

Know your spending on fuel by having a detailed analysis of fuel consumption (distance traveled per liter), fuel-filled, and fuel removed.

Monitor from any device

Monitor your trucks on the go using a smartphone or using the browser on your laptop or desktop. Download the mobile app for easy management.

Real-time tracking

Get real-time locations of your refrigerated vehicles using digital maps. Also, know the speed, distance traveled, the route followed, unauthorized stops, and the hours of operations.


Access detailed reports on temperature history during complete travel. Get a detailed trip report with analysis of routes taken, stop, unscheduled stops. You can download the reports in excel file format.

Stop Pilferage

Any Pilferage happens using tanker door, so door open sensors now generate an alert with which you can catch such events. Additionally, route deviation also helps with tracking such events.

  • 1. Conform to Regulatory Compliance – Improve regulatory compliance through automated collection and logging of temperature and humidity data, eliminating monetary losses due to non-compliance.
  • 2. Transparency & accountability – In the absence of temperature, fuel, and route data, everyone is right. No visibility into operation critical information leads to poor and blindsided decisions.


The use of AmbiSense for cold chain logistics operations can help businesses have complete control over their cold chain logistics, ensuring that the mounting pressure of quantity and quality are handled with ease. With a smart ecosystem for cold chain supply systems, you can easily analyze, locate, and address any potential errors quickly. When the temperature goes above the threshold range, the system sent an alert to the driver and other stakeholders when there is an issue.

IoT monitoring sensors can differentiate between being in transit and being stolen. Food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products can reach their destination unbroken in even the most extreme situations. If the goods are reserved in a warehouse, property managers can either deal with potential refrigeration concerns or move the goods to conserve them.

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