The energy sector in India

Over the past 60 years or so, India has taken rapid strides in the development of the electricity sector both in terms of enhancing power generation and making power available to widely distributed geographical boundaries. To meet the increasing demand for electricity to fuel the country's economic growth, significant additions to the installed generating capacity and development of associated transmission and distribution networks are required. However, during the past, the power sector was perceived to be riddled with some fundamental weaknesses, which necessitated initiation of the reform process in the Sector.

Manual Meter Reading
  • Time-consuming activity.
  • Labour intensive if have multiple meters/large site.
  • Cost of paying someone to read the meters.
  • Access to meters to read them.
  • Accuracy of the meter reader, human error.
  • Last mile (Distribution) is a constraint
Inefficiency in Billing
  • Credit management
  • Load / demand side management
  • Utilities are loss making
  • Doesn’t usually match supplier invoice billing period. Usually carried out infrequently (monthly).
  • Display Limited information
Electricity theft
  • Direct hooking from line
  • Physical obstruction
  • ESD attacks an electronic meter
  • Bypassing the energy meter
  • Injecting foreign element in the energy meter

Why AmbiPower

AmbiPower aims to the modernization of metering infrastructure allows a utility to monitor the quality of power across substations and accordingly plan to improve the power quality in identified areas, thereby improving customer satisfaction and ensuring the timely payment of bills. It also enables utilities to monitor aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses on a real-time basis.

Improved collection
  • Faster Revenue cycles
  • Remote meter reading which is more reliable.
  • Reduced upfront capital expenditure and provide time to utility to reap the benefits in phases.
Reduce non commercial losses
  • Real time theft and tamper detection.
  • Enabling utility to take immediate action.
Long term benefits
  • Demand side management
  • Data driven real time load forecasting.

Our Ambition: Helping utilities minimize losses and improve quality of service

AmbiPower – Preparing for the Grid of the Future

Traditionally the process to gather billing data for utilities has labour intensive and often comprises of subjective measurement by field personnel. The modernization of metering infrastructure involves much more than simply selecting the vendor who has the lowest cost and accepting the technology that is provided by the said vendor. It requires utilities to carefully examine the system implementation and integration process. This is required since every utility in India deals with a very culturally and economically diverse group of people.

Keeping all challenges related to AMR in mind and the fact that developing and deploying effective AMR is indeed a complex process, we have designed the AmbiPower’s products

We firmly believe, a successful AMR requires focussed efforts in three key areas, Technology, Implementation, and Integration. 

Scalable Technology

Power utilities require a highly reliable communication system for dependable transmission of data to the central hub or other data collector systems for data analysis and billing. AmbiPower works on utilizing existing cellular infrastructure which is scalable and robust enough to handle data communication


AmbiPower helps utilities integrate large-scale Metering infrastructure to collect time-stamped data, and this data is communicated directly into their billing systems appropriate communication channels.


AmbiPower integrates and allows accurate exchange of information between different systems. The integration appears seamless, and that information is residing in any one system, thereby optimizing business processes.

A complete smart grid solution tailored for utilities

Our innovations include

Advance Meter Reading Solution

AmbiPower’s integrated solutions for metering deployments and reading provide a migration path through Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to complete Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). They can record power consumption and are powered by two-way communication for better grid visibility.

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Smart Grid Solution

AmbiPower's smart grid solutions allow a utility to assess system health significantly more detail than was previously possible. It can enable them to better predict and respond to sudden increases in demand, which can help to prevent blackouts.AmbiPower facilitates integrating power grid processes and systems to yield accurate, measurable value across the power delivery chain.

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