Energy sector problems

Snapshot of the electricity sector of India

Over the past 60 years or so, India has taken rapid strides in the development of the electricity sector both in terms of enhancing power generation and making power available to widely distributed geographical boundaries. To meet the increasing demand for electricity to fuel the country’s economic growth, significant additions to the installed generating capacity and development of associated transmission and distribution networks are required.

However, during the past, the power sector was perceived to be riddled with some fundamental weaknesses, which necessitated the initiation of the reform process in the Sector. Several policy initiatives have been put in place to transform the power sector of India


Challenges with the existing system

AmbiPower’s Smart grids solutions provide grids with sensors that gather and transmit data. This information makes it possible to adjust electricity flows automatically.

Utilities can be remotely informed of the situation in real-time and can act immediately if there is a problem.

AmbiPower’s Smart grids solutions are:

Manual Meter Reading

  • Time-consuming activity.
  • Labour intensive if have multiple meters/large site.
  • Accuracy of the meter read, human error.
  • Limited data is available on the meter display

Inefficiency in Billing

  • Credit management(Accounts payable)
  • Load / demand side management
  • Doesn’t usually match supplier invoice billing period.
  • Usually carried out infrequently (monthly).

Electricity theft

  • Direct hooking from line
  • Physical obstruction
  • ESD attacks an electronic meter
  • Bypassing the energy meter
  • Injecting foreign element in the energy meter

The deficit in power availability in India is a significant impediment to the economy’s smooth development. Hence, bridging the gap in demand and supply has become critical, and consequently, large projects are being undertaken in different segments of the sector; Generation, Transmission, and Distribution. As India is witnessing such a large-scale implementation, there is a need to enhance capabilities to help ensure targets are met. This strongly necessitates opens enormous opportunities for players to address the power sector’s significant challenges and deliver them as planned.

The modernization of metering infrastructure involves much more than simply selecting the vendor with the lowest cost and accepting the technology that the said vendor provides.

It requires utilities to examine the system implementation and integration process carefully. This is necessary since every utility in India deals with a very culturally and economically diverse group. Depending on the utility road map of AMI and smart grids implementation, the utilities need to choose these technologies to keep in view the long-term benefits of the AMI keeping the total cost minimal in long-run perspectives and embracing new technologies for becoming smart utilities. However, The ideal solution for successful smart metering may be based on the geographical and network conditions in a particular area.

AmbiPower – Preparing for the Grid of the Future

Keeping all challenges related to AMR in mind and the fact that developing and deploying effective AMR is indeed a complex process, we have designed the AmbiPower’s products

We firmly believe, a successful AMR requires focussed efforts in three key areas, Technology, Implementation, and Integration. 

Scalable Technology

Power utilities require a highly reliable communication system for dependable transmission of data to the central hub or other data collector systems for data analysis and billing. AmbiPower works on utilizing existing cellular infrastructure which is scalable and robust enough to handle data communication


AmbiPower helps utilities integrate large-scale Metering infrastructure to collect time-stamped data, and this data is communicated directly into their billing systems appropriate communication channels.


AmbiPower integrates and allows accurate exchange of information between different systems. The integration appears seamless, and that information is residing in any one system, thereby optimizing business processes.

AmbiPower opens the door for performance and cost improvements to distribution utility operations. Our solutions offer customized implementations to identify critical needs, provide customized solutions to measure asset performance, and improve distributed energy resource management and demand response performance.

We are your one-stop destination for grid management. Proactively manage your grid and customer operations in real-time through unmatched data access and powerful integration with your existing systems. Use our Application for field reporting and analytics to ensure your grid is running reliably and profitably.