Ambimat Electronics has been a design services company for almost 4 decades now. Such said, it is important to also diversify our portfolio with introduction of products that can be readily used by our customers without having to spend valuable R&D time on product development. Some of the products that we have stated are ready to use off-the-shelf products and services whereas some are products that need further or backward integration. Example: For our logistics solution we will provide open APIs to connect with the customers track and trace software, or allow the security solution to integrate with the customers ERP engine or have our payments solution get integrated with the customer’s mobile application or payment gateway.

Areas of Applications:-


AmbiSpace and AmbiDefence was our first venture into designing products that can be used on ground as well as in space exploration as well as Defence applications.

With 100s of products that we have designed, our reputation as an indigenous design house has been cemented in the country for decades. We have provided products like Spacecraft interface simulators to automated weather monitoring systems. We have been proud design partners for products that have been used in the prestigious Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan.

Industrial Automation

AmbiAutomation encompasses our recent work in the automation space with products in the HVAC bridge board that can work with building automation systems and with Operational Technology products like PLCs to increase productivity


Our AmbiSense offering takes care of products that we are designed for the cold chain monitoring industry like the Smart Label as well as individual contactless temperature sensing like the AS-300


Our AmbiPay is one of our most sought after products today for the transit industry. With the recent push towards contactless payments to avoid contacting with super spreaders like the drivers or conductors and in turn helping the staff to keep themselves safe as well


Our AmbiCon offering has been one of our oldest offerings with our beacon solution being certified by FCC in the year 2014. We are now offering a pre-baked solution to industries who want to utilize a completely made in India solution (from hardware to software) for their retail environments


Our AmbiPower solution is all about giving power back into the hands of the utilities. Creating awareness of the latest trends in the IoT space to make their lives easier. AmbiPower is our attempt to provide utilities with the products that they want for their use cases.


Our AmbiLogistics is a Made In India Vehicle Tracking solution that can easily be integrated into an existing track and trace backend solution. Under our Logistics offering we also provide our own backend solution as well as design, development work based on the customer’s requirement


Our AmbiSecure offering provides secure end to end communication mechanism between IoT devices and backend servers to make sure there is no man in the middle attack with authentication and encryption/decryption functionality over the bidirectional communication

Ambimat understands that time is of the essence for any product and we are committed to help our customers speed up that process. We are also committed to help customers achieve their timeline of getting quicker to the market using some of our pre-built solutions. Please feel free to browse various offerings and let us know how you wish to integrate the same with your solutions.

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