Workforce Management App

A Platform to Optimize Business Processes & Address Utility Needs. Mobile workforce management software aids companies in the utility sector and their partners in optimizing their business operations. It assists them with efficient management of on-premise/on-field assets & personnel. WFM helps enterprises to maximize their workforce productivity by delivering exceptional customer experience.

Utilities are facing disruptions on multiple fronts. Workforce management App is deployed as a mechanism to replace paper-based processes and improve data capture. WFM’s feature-set has
refocused on increasing operational gains and allows the utilities and other stakeholders to use the power of technology to increase the efficiency of the business.


Process Optimization & Management

Process Optimization & Management:

Integrate with utility systems, including outage management, advanced distribution management, and more, to collect data from multiple resources.

Asset & Work Management

Asset & Work Management:

Monitor Field agents in real-time and update maintenance schedules. Dispatch field-crew based on service request, location, availability, and priority.

Analytics & Integration

Analytics & Integration:

Access & organize company data using an advanced visualization dashboard. Create reports for a complete performance overview & analysis.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency:

A Platform To Optimize Business Processes & Address on-field assets & personnel’s needs. Automation of essential processes and Effective management for the field force.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue:

Revenue generation is something that every company tries to achieve. Workforce management app can help automate task management, data analytics, reporting, and performance monitoring. This leads to the reduction of the cost required for multiple applications.

Ease of communication

Ease of communication:

One of the most important advantages of adopting workforce management software is the ease of task allocation in the workforce. Quick communication will help the completely automated work allocation, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

AmbiPower Consumer App

Utility companies and their customers’ needs are ever-evolving. To exceed rising customer service expectations, companies must strive to maximize the ease and effectiveness of every
customer touchpoint.

Mobile Applications offer utilities the perfect channel to directly communicate and engage with the communities they serve.

What makes the native mobile application more effective for driving satisfaction among utility customers than direct mail, websites, email, or phone calls alone?

For a utility, having a mobile app empowers them to provide customers with convenience and gives them a way to increase customer satisfaction. Utilities with a mobile app transform their
internal business processes and increase efficiency while offering a seamless process for their customers.


Meeting customers' needs

Meeting customers’ needs:

Our fast-paced and digital lifestyles have led consumers to nolonger want to deal with physical paper statements or engage in phone calls. Mobile apps offer utility companies the perfect channel to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

Personalized user experience

Personalized user experience:

Consumers welcome this highly personalized user experience on apps that includes information on their billing and usage details, balances, and the ability to contact their service provider from within the app.



Consumers prefer an automated self-service offering in a mobile app, and self-service offerings increase customer satisfaction. Convenience goes a long way in generating customer loyalty and adding to the bottom line.

Speed and Access

Speed and Access:

Mobile apps are fast and reliable and are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites. They store data locally on the mobile device, which means they perform actions faster due to instantly retrieving data.



An improved customer experience within a mobile app can increase revenue for utility companies. Utility customers are willing to spend more for a better customer experience, and when customers are satisfied, they are twice as likely to stay with their existing service provider.

AmbiPower – Giving Power Back in The Hands of The Utilities


Ambimat’s AmbiPower is an Automatic Meter reader which communicates with a Utility meter (Water/Gas/Energy) and a Head End System over a cellular network. The modem is capable to independently sending commands over DLMS (RS232) to the meter. The AmbiPower uses a proprietary Edge computing algorithm that can parse the meter data locally on the device itself. This feature helps utilities to bring down the data usage i.e. running cost paid to cellular networks as well as increases the reliability of meter communication. The modem can also sending specific SMS based on some pre-defined events detected from the meter. This provides greater flexibility to use the modem for not just data monitoring but also remote surveillance of tampering activities.

AMR Features:


  • Meter connectivity over IEC62056(2011):DLMS/COSEM
  • Scheduled data reading from the meter.
  • Can read instantaneous as well as long term data reading from the meter.
  • Can connect to all major Head End Systems
  • Small Form Factor
  • Can work as a Router for a plug and play experience
  • External Antenna for ease of use for cellular connectivity.
  • Can work on 1-ph and 3-ph inputs
  • Low installation cost


Generic Modem Features:


  • Network Status Indication via LED
  • Power Supply Status via LED


Electrical Features:


  • 3 Ph (3X240 VAC @ 50Hz)
  • 1 Ph (1X240 VAC @ 50Hz)
  • EFT protection (According to IEC 61000-4-4)
  • Surge Protection(6kV as per IEC 61000-4-5)


Connectivity features:


  • Supports Cellular connectivity over:
    4G networks (including NB-IoT)
    GSM/GPRS networks
  • Features end-to-end trusted domain security
  • Provides signal optimization and congestion control


LTE bands and connectivity from ISP:


  • Supports LTE Bands 3,7 and 20.
  • Works across all major mobile service providers:Jio,Airtel,Vodafone-Idea
  • All channel bandwidths:1.4 – 20MHz




  • SMS MT/MO PDU/Text mode – For respecified events


Protocols supported for Data transmission:


  • Duals tack IPv4/IPv6
  • Embedded TCP/IP,UDP/IP




  • Transport layer security (TLS1.2)


Optional Features:


  • Supports on-board memory for storing data if network is not available
  • Bartery backup in times of power outage (for indication purposes only)-Available in Selected variants only
  • On board GPS for GIS applications
  • GNSS Support:
    GNSS receiver 72-channel u-blox 8 engine GPS/QZSS L1 C/A
    Assistance GNSS:AssistNow Online AssistNow OfflineOMA SUPL & 3GPP compliant
    Acquisition Cold:30s/ Aided:3s/ Reacquisition:1s
    Max nav. update rate:Up to 10 Hz
    CellLocate® Cell tower location data to supplement positioning receiver data


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