• In 2019 AmbiIoT designed the hardware for a Multi-therapeutic Wound Healing Device for an Indian Start-up. The device passed through ISO 13485 pre-certification testing in the first attempt.
  • Complications of non healing wounds lead to poor quality of life, severe pain, septicaemia, prolonged hospitalization and in severe cases amputation and even death.
  • AmbiIoT  with its partner aim to create cost efficient, patient centered wound care products to avoid  such complications.
  • The device is a comprehensive wound healing technology to facilitate accelerated healing of medically complex wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores and infectious wounds etc. The proposed device would be able to heal and overcome the challenges of halted wound healing by exudates removal, reducing inflammation and oedema, enhancing cell proliferation and tissue perfusion and controlling microbial growth.Our multi-therapeutic technology is a one stop solution for wounds of any aetiology.