Sound Based Payment card

Sound Based Payment card

Sound Based Payment technology enables contactless payments through sound waves. There is no dependence on any specific platform. The technology behind it enables payments on various devices such as smartphones, feature phones, card swipe machines, and point-of-sale devices.

Sound Based Payment technology uses encrypted sound waves to make offline, proximity-based contactless payments on any device. It uses a proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) that encodes data into sounds. These sounds are transmitted over the air and can enable payments over the existing payments infrastructure.

Sound-based payment technology seamlessly integrates into existing hardware and frictionless connections to work offline in even the most extreme environments. There are myriad potential use cases for data-over-sound. Be it payments, proximity marketing, mobility, retail, or logistics. It can be customized and adapted to solve unique problems specific to industries. Such assurance of accessibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience, security, and speed makes soundwave technology one of the most effective data transfer modes. All of this makes Data-Over-Sound optimal for all environments and all challenges.

Why Sound based Payments


Sound Based Payment technology users need not have a special device and it can be embedded swiftly to their mobile phones to read and write information. It doesn’t require any custom hardware to be built either. They are inexpensive, easily customizable, making them more compatible and versatile.


Let your users get things done with minimum or no human intervention. A single sound wave technology that enables payments, retail, mobility, media, services, engagements, and more.


Security that you can rely on, that you can count on. With encrypted data-over-sound transfer, Sound Based Payment technology offers unparalleled security through multiple impenetrable layers without retaining any transactional data footprints.


Sound Based Payment technology can be implemented on multiple platforms and devices, as it is completely interoperable and platform independent. Since sound is our tool, this technology can work without connectivity or geographical boundaries, making it universally applicable.

Cost Effective

Sound Based Payment technology works on existing infrastructure to enable multiple use cases without the need to invest in complex and expensive technologies, making it a highly cost-effective solution to integrate.