Design Services

Embedded Software Services

  • On the software front, our expertise is on higher-level programming languages like C and C++ as well as assembly level programming for a wide range of MCUs starting from the legacy processors like 8085 to the most recent ARM Cortex M series.
  • We have worked on a variety of processors including but not limited to Texas Instruments, Atmel/Microchip, NXP Semiconductors, Renesas, Nordic Semiconductors, Rabbit and other silicon vendors as well.
  • Our past products also gave us exposure to Embedded Linux and RTOS programming on the Hardware Abstraction Layer as well as the Application Layer.
  • We are particularly proud of how we are able to interface with a variety of sensors and actuators all the way from temperature sensors to fingerprint biometric sensors, getting them to communicate over MQTT or RESTFUL APIs to backend servers.